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Hand-throttles and crashing into your friend in Hoonigan's first episode of Unprofessionals

Unprofessionals EP1: Hert and Rob Crash into Each Other

Hoonigan's non-professional drifters Hert and Rob (aka Chairslayer) put their rides through the paces... with mixed results

Presented by BC Racing, the new series follows the escapades of two of the Hoonigan crew as they travel the US, attending grassroots drift competitions.

For this episode we get a look behind Rob's hand-controls and how well they can whip his 240SX, as the guys get their cars ready to hit the road (in the metaphorical, going-on-tour kinda way - there's very little chance they'd let one of these monsters on the actual road).

Oh, and it's worth noting some of the audio's a little NSFW.